Prawn Quesadilla with Chipotle Mayo

Inspired by a recent trip to Mexico City. These are a great party food perfect for NYE passing around & alfresco dining.
Prawn Quesadilla with Chipotle Mayo

Ingredients and Methods

- 250g Minced Prawn meat
- 15ml lightly beaten egg white
- 25g anchoite paste
- 1 bunches Minced spring onion 
- 2 cloves Minced garlic
- 1 Minced Jalapeno
- 1 bunch chopped coriander
- 1 bunches chopped oregano
- 100g Well-cooked quinoa 
- 50g Crumbled salted ricotta
- 2 leeks finely chopped & lightly fried with butter & seasoning
- Salt to taste
- 100 ml of sunflower oil
- Pre purchased Tortillas
- Cocktail sticks

Chipotle Sauce
- 4 peppers from a tin of chipotle peppers in adobe sauce
- 250ml ml mayonnaise
- Zest & juice of 3 limes
- Salt to taste

- Combine ingredients for the stuffing in a kitchen aid style blender
- Season well
- Lay out each tortilla brush the edges with beaten egg
- Place 1 spoon of mixture into each tortilla
- Fold over the tortilla to cover press down then secure with a cocktail sticks to ensure the edges stay sealed
- Repeat with the other tortillas

Chipotle Sauce Method
- Remove 4 peppers with some of the adobe sauce
- Place in a liquidizer with mayonnaise, lime juice & zest
- Season & blend to a smooth relish

To Serve
- Pre heat an oven to 200 degrees
- Heat 100ml of sunflower seed oil until hot & shimmering
- Place the quesadillas 2-3 at a time into the hot oil
- Fry on each side till crisp for 2 minutes, drain excess oil bake for 5 mins

Garnish with some of the sauce sprinkle with sunflower & sesame seeds and serve with chipotle sauce on the side.

Chef Paul Wilson

Credited with serving some of Australia’s most exciting food, Paul Wilson has been described as one of the most extraordinary culinary talents in the Commonwealth & continues to receive critical acclaim for crafting inspiring dishes that take an innovative approach to cuisine traditions. (more)

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