Chilaquiles with Seafood and Salsa Verde

A popular snack or breakfast chilaquiles are crispy tortilla chips tossed in a fragrant sauce with a variety of Ingredients such as scrambled eggs, cooked chicken, chorizo, vegetables & seafood.
Chilaquiles with Seafood and Salsa Verde

Ingredients and Methods


- 400g fried fresh tortilla strips
- 500ml simple tomatoe sauce
- 200ml salsa verde see recipe
- 200g perfectly cooked prawns
- 200g just cooked mussels in the ½ shell
- 200g diced raw sashimi grade tuna or salmon
- 100g olives
- 100g cooked Artichokes pieces
- 100g cherry tomatoes split in half
- 1 bunch of basil 
- 200g coarsely grated salted ricotta

Salsa Verde

- 500ml extra virgin olive oil
- 3 garlic cloves, smashed
- 2 birds eyes chilli, chopped
- 5 Spanish anchovies
- 2 tbsps. Dijon mustard
- 50g soaked sultanas
- 30g rinsed capers
- 300g flat leaf parsley leaves
- 200g mint leaves
- 150g basil leaves
- 2 tbsps cab sav vinegar
- 1 lemon juiced
- Salt & pepper
1. Blend all ingredients together in a food processor till smooth, pass through fine sieve, season with lemon juice, vinegar and salt & pepper.


1. Heat the tomato sauce in a suitable shallow pan
2. Add the salsa verde to taste, bring to the simmer adjust seasoning
3. Then add the tuna & tortilla strips, finally the cooked seafood & vegetables bring to the boil
4. Then neatly arrange onto your serving dishes
Garnish with basil & salted ricotta

Chef Paul Wilson

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